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If you run a zine/newsletter and would like to have a link to it here, or if you know of one that might be appropriate, please let me know.

Fanzines and Newsletters

ftp Alienisti
Zine of the Jyväskylän Science Fiction Society 42. In Finnish.
ftp Ansible
Dave "another day, another hugo" Langford's award winning zine of science fiction gossip and news.
gop Cheap Truth
Bruce Sterling's zine from the 80s.
www Cyberspace Vanguard
Big on-line zine, mostly relating to media-SF.
gop DargonZine
The successor to FSFNet, Dafydd's shared-universe fiction zine.
gop Contes per a Extraterrestres (E. T. News)
Fanzine from the Valencia country of Spain. Mostly in Catalan(!), with some Spanish and English.
gop Factsheet Five
The classic zine about zines now on-line.
A not-quite-weekly-yet-but-getting-there of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, etc.
gop Knight Space
Fanzine of the Aberdeen University Science Fiction and Fantasy Society.
gop FSFNet
The Bitnet Fantasy-Science Fiction Fanzine (one of the old ones, now defunct)
www In The Void
A new science fiction and fantasy poetry zine. The first issue is due out in January 1995.
www InterText
A free online fiction magazine read by thousands of people on six continents.
gop The Mallorn Pulp
Newsletter of the University of Delaware's Science Fiction and Fantasy Club
www Omphalos
John Leavitt's new review zine.
www OtherRealms
Chuq von Rospach's excellent zine of news and reviews that went paper-only in 1991.
gop Quanta
Dan Applequist's fiction zine.
www To be Continued
Newsletter of the Midwest Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.
www TTBA (Title to be Announced)
Zine of the Cambidge University Science Fiction Society
gop Twilight Zone
Richard Karsmakers' fiction zine.
www The Vance Phile
Gregg Parmentier's Jack Vance fanzine.

Publishers' Newsletters

gop Del Rey Internet Newsletter (Del Rey Books)
gop Near Futures (Tor Books)

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