Short Fiction Market Response Times Surveys

For some years, Greg Costikyan has been compiling a bi-annual survey of short fiction market response times. Essentially, a bunch of people forward, either via street or e-mail, their data on how long SF&F magazines and anthologists take to respond to short story submissions; and, twice a year, he compiles the results, reporting median times, range, and number of data points. The results are published in the SFWA Bulletin and The Report, a small writers' magazine. I also post them on GEnie and in rec.arts.sf.written. And now they are archived here.

"Many short story writers seem to find the data useful; at least it gives them some idea how long they can expect to wait when they submit a story to a particular market."

This information is collected, tabulated, and provided by:

Greg Costikyan
304 1/2 Eighth Street
Jersey City, NJ

Please Help

"I depend on data from others to compile these response times. If you'd like to help, copy your own records and send them off to me at 304 1/2 Eighth Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302, post them on the SFRT on GEnie, Cat 30, Top 6, or e-mail to It's most helpful if you list by magazine, indicating length in days between each submission and response, and month of response -- but I'll take data in whatever form is most convenient for you. Please note any sales, unless you'd rather not."

Time Periods

For major markets, the data in the survey comes from responses received between April and October inclusive. For minor markets, we use data up to a year old (e.g. from October 93 to October 94, inclusive).

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