Speculative Fiction Organizations


www Helsingin Yliopiston Science Fiction Klubi, Helsinki, Finland
www Polaris - Oulun sf-seura ry, Oulu, Finland. (English information)
www Turun Science Fiction Seura ry, Turku, Finland
www Jyväskylän Science Fiction Seura 42, Jyväskylä, Finland


www Quarante-Deux, France


www The Irish Science Fiction Association, Dublin, Ireland.


www Birmingham University Science-Fiction and Fantasy Society, Birmingham, UK
www Cambridge University Science Fiction Society, Cambridge, UK
www Dundee Univeristy Science Fiction and Fantasy Society
www The University of Edinburgh Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
www Imperial College Science Fiction Home Page
www IO - Glasgow University Science fiction and fantasy society, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
www St Andrews University SF and Fantasy Society, UK


www The Baltimore Science Fiction Society, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
www MIT Science Fiction Society, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
www NESFA (New England Science Fiction Association), Somerville, Massachusetts, USA
www PARSEC: The Pittsburgh Area Realtime Scientifiction Enthusiasts Club, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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