Harlan Ellison Comic Book Bibliography

This bibliography was compiled by Christopher Day (chrisday@aol.com). The Speculative Fiction Clearing House provides storage space for it as a community service.

Harlan Ellison Comic Book Bibliography, Version 3.1, 6/95

This is meant to be an attempt at compiling Comic Book material either written by or adapted from the work of Harlan Ellison, as well as other Comic Book related Ellison-paraphernalia. This is a working document, as you can see it is already version 3.1, that has been in existence for over a year now. It is incomplete, and in some cases I have not actually physically confirmed details of an item. If you have any questions, comments, corrections or additions please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, let me know if you download this, reprint it elsewhere, or anything. I would be quite interested in anything you have to say about it.

Comics & Graphic Novels

Avengers 88 (Marvel) 1971 
   "The Summons of Skylop (In the Grip of Skylop, part 1)"
      story, Ellison; adaptation, Roy Thomas; pencils, Sal Buscema;
       inks, Jim Mooney
   --Continued in Incredible Hulk 140.
   --Reprinted in the 1994 Marvel Vintage Comic Pack.
Avengers 101 (Marvel) 1972 
   "Five Dooms to Save Tomorrow"
      story, Ellison; adaptation, Roy Thomas; pencils, Rich Buckler;
        inks, Dan Adkins
Chamber of Chills 1 (Marvel) 1972
   "Delusion for a Dragon Slayer"
      cover, Gil Kane
      adaptation, Gerry Conway; art, Syd Shores;

Crazy #1 (Marvel) Oct 1973
   "The Future"
       essay, Harlan Ellison; art, Basil Wolverton
   --Black & White humor Magazine.

Creepy 32 (Warren) 1970
   "Rock God"
      story, Ellison; art, Neal Adams
   --Based on cover art by Frank Frazetta
   --Black & White Magazine.
     [Have not seen copy to confirm]

Daredevil 208 (Marvel) July 1984
   "The Deadliest Night of My Life"
      story, Ellison & Arthur Byron Cover; David Mazzuchelli;
       inks, Danny Bulandi
Demon With A Glass Hand (DC) 1987
      adaptation & art, Marshal Rogers*

Detective Comics 567 (DC) Oct 1986
   "The Night of Thanks But No Thanks"
        story, Ellison; art, Gene Colan & Bob Smith

Epic Illustrated 4 (Marvel) Winter 1980
   "Sleeping Dogs" (black & white version)
        art & adaption, Ken Steacy
Epic Illustrated 6 (Marvel) June 1981
   "Life Hutch" (black & white version)
        art & adaption, Ken Steacy
Epic Illustrated 11 (Marvel) April 1982
   "Run for the Stars"
        art & adaption, Ken Steacy
Harlan Ellison's Chocolate Alphabet (Last Gasp) 1978
      story, Ellison; art, Larry Todd
Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor Special (Dark Horse) Feb 1995
      front cover, Stephen Hickman; back cover, Overton Loyd
      Framing sequence - Harlan Ellison; art, Eric Shanower
     "Quicktime" - adaptation, Len Wein; 
        art, Pat Broderick & Ralph Cabrera
     "The End of the Time of Leinard" - adaptation, Faye Perovich;
        art, Doug Wildey
     "Rat Hater" - adaptation, Faye Perovich; art, Michael T. Gilbert
     "If This Be Utopia" - adaptation & art, Phil Foglio
        with Matt Howarth
     "On The Slab" - adaptation, Faye Perovich; art, Gary Gianni
      Poster Insert by Jill Bauman

Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor  (Dark Horse) Ongoing

  Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor 1 (Dark Horse) March 1995
      front cover, Michael Whealan
      framing sequences - story, Ellison; art, Eric Shanower
      "I Have No Mouth...." Part 1/4 - adaptation, John Byrne**
      "Knox" adaption, Diana Schutz; art, Teddy Kristiansen
      "Turnpike" adaption, Max Alan Collins; art, Craig Elliot

  Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor 2 (Dark Horse) April 1995
      front Cover, Leo & Diane Dillon
      framing sequences - story, Ellison; art, Eric Shanower
      "I Have No Mouth..." Part 2/4 - adaption, John Byrne
      "S.R.O." - adaptation, Steve Niles; art, John K. Snyder III
      "Enter the Fanatic, Stage Center" - adaptation, Stefan Petrucha; 
        art, Tom Sutton

  Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor 3 (Dark Horse) May 1995
      front Cover, Sam Raffa
      framing sequences - story, Ellison; art, Eric Shanower
      "Pride of the Profession" - adaptation, Faye Perovich;
        art, Heinrich Kipper
      "I Have No Mouth..." Part 3/4 - adaptation, John Byrne
      "Rough Boys" - adaptation, Jan Strand; art, Skip Williamson

  Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor 4 (Dark Horse) June 1995
      front Cover, Jane McKenzie
      framing sequences - story, Ellison; art, Eric Shanower
      "Catman" Part 1/2 - adaptation, Peter David; art, Mike Deodato
      "I Have No Mouth..." Part 4/4 - adaptation, John Byrne
      "Cold Friend" - adaptation, R.A. Jones; art, David Lapham

Heroes For Hope starring the X-Men (Marvel) 1985 - pp 22-24
        story, Ellison; pencils, Frank Miller; inks, Bill Sienkiewicz
   -- Wolverine segment of benefit book for African famine relief.
Incredible Hulk 140 (Marvel) 1971
   "The Brute, or The Brute That Shouted Love at the 
     Heart of the World" (In The Grip of Skylop, part 2)
      story, Ellison; adaptation, Roy Thomas; layout, Herb Trimpe;
        art, Sam Grainger
   --Continued from Avengers 88.
   --Reprinted in the 1994 Marvel Vintage Comic Pack.

Night and the Enemy (Comico) 1987
   "Run For the Stars" (reprinted from Epic Illustrated 11)
   "Life Hutch" (colour version of story from Epic Illustrated 6)
   "Untouchable Adolescents" (adaption original to this edition)
   "Trojan Hearse" text story with illustration by Steacy
   "Sleeping Dogs" (all new colour)
      story, Ellison; art/design, Ken Stacey
   -- Also includes two page intro, with illustrations by Steacy
   -- When stories were originally published, credit was given as 
     "Art & Adaption, Ken Steacy".  For this edition Ellison is given 
     story credit, while Steacy is given artist credit.
   -- Also published in a limited edition Hard Cover by Graphitti 
     Press, signed & numbered by Ellison & Steacy, and with a new 
     short story by Ellison
Twilight Zone 1 (NOW) 1991
   "Crazy as a Soup Sandwich"
      story, Ellison; art & cover, Neal Adams
   --Two editions.  Regular edition, featuring "Crazy."
   --Prestige edition including a new short story by Ellison.

Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction 3 (Marvel) May 1975
   "Repent Harlequin, Said the Tick-Tock Man"
      adaptation, Roy Thomas; art, Alex Nino
   --Black & White Magazine

Vic and Blood 1 (Mad Dog) 1987
Vic and Blood 2 (Mad Dog) 1988
Vic and Blood (NBM) 1988 (collected volume in colour)
      story, Ellison; art, Richard Corben
Weird Science Fantasy 24 (?) 1954
      adaptation, unknown; art, Al Williamson
   --Unauthorized adaptation of Ellison story "Mealtime"
   --Reprinted in Weird Science-Fantasy Annual Vol 1 (1994)
      [have not seen copy to confirm]

Weird Tales 1 (Millennium) 1992
   "Shattered Like A Glass Goblin"
      adaptation, Fay Perovich; art, Kelly Jones
Illustrated and Other:
The Illustrated Harlan Ellison (Baronet Book/Byron Priess Visuals)
     editor, Byron Priess
      "Repent Harlequin" art, Sternanko (in 3D)
      "Shattered Like A Glass Goblin" art, William Stout
      "Croatoa" art, Alfredo Alcala
   --plus stories with illustrations by: Ralph Reese, Thomas Sutton,
     Wayne McLoughlin, Overton Loyd, and Leo & Diane Dillon
Pulp Heroes Vol 1 (Byron Priess)
   "The New York Review of Bird"
      illustrations, Neal Adams
various French Editions of his books have featured covers by BD 
artists such as Moebius and Bilal
Mefisto to Onyx (Mark Z Books) 1993
      cover and introduction, Frank Miller
   --"Sin City" and Kyle Baker's "Why I Hate Saturn" are thanked in 
Midnight Graffi #1 198?
   "The Function of Dream Sleep"
      illustrations, Moebius

various issues of Heavy Metal in the late seventies to early eighties 
contained text reprints of some of his stories, possibly with illustrations.
This is unverified, although it is known that he did have some material in

Batman Returns Movie Magazine (Topps) 1992
   --Essay was severely edited from a page down to a paragraph 
     because of attack on DC Comics and their attitude towards creator's

But I Digress (Comic Buyer's Guide) 1994
   -- Collection of essays by Peter David, "Writer of Stuff," and founder of
      Friends of Ellison.

Fish Police: Hairballs (Comico) 1987
   --There was also a quote from Ellison on early Fish Police ads, 
     which was actually not from Ellison, but someone who had appeared 
     in a California Comic Shop pretending to be him and praised the book.  
     The praise got back to Moncuse and the quote was included in the ads.

Fish Police 26 (Apple) 199?

Fire Sale (Rip Off Press) 1989

Grey 1 (Viz) 1988

Images of Omaha 1 (Kitchen Sink) 1992

Mangle Tangle Tales 1 (Innovation) 1990

Rocketeer Graphic Novel (Eclipse) 1985

Sandman: Seasons of the Mist (DC) 1992

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 (Mirage) anniversary reprint, 1993

Visions of Azrach (Kitchen Sink) 1993

Letters from Ellison

   Detective Comics 380 (DC) 1968
   Conan the Barbarian 2 (Marvel) 1970
   Fish Police 4 or 5 (Fishwrap) 198?
   The Forever People 3 (DC) 1971
   Real Fact Comics #6 (DC) 1947
   Wordsmith ? (Renegade) 198?

Comics Related Writings & Interviews

All in Color for a Dime, Don Thompson & Dick Lupoff, editors
     Possible article by Ellison, unverified

Comics Buyer's Guide, July 7, 1989
     Review of _Batman_ movie, possibly reprinted from _Fantasy & 
        Science Fiction_ "Watching" column.

Comics Journal 53 (Fantagraphics Books)
      Featuring a long interview with Ellison, featuring comments 
        about Michael Fleisher which instigated the law suit.
Comics Journal 80, 83, 84, 90, and others (Fantagraphics Books)
      Featuring essay's and columns by Ellison
Comics Journal 103 (Fantagraphics Books)
      "Stan Lee & Harlan Ellison debate comics, literature, ethics, 
        guns, etc."
Comics Journal 115 (Fantagraphics Books)
      "Coverage of Journal/Harlan Ellison vs. Michael Fleisher trial; 
        transcripts of testimonies by Ellison, Jim Shooter, and Gary 

Hero Illustrated 21 (Warrior Publications) March 1995
      Part 1 of 3 part interview by Maggie Thompson
Comic Buyer's Guide #1115 (Krause Publications) March 31, 1995
      Part 2 of 3 part interview by Maggie Thompson
Sci-Fi Universe #7 (HG Publications) June 1995
      Part 3 of 3 part interview by Maggie Thompson

Hero Illustrated 22 (Warrior Publications) April 1995, pp 24, 26
     Featured comments by Ellison on issue 3 of "Dream Corridor."

Musings 1 (Calliope Comics) Fall 1993
      Reprint of Ellison's 1993 address at the San Diego Comic 
        Con [unsure of actual speech reprinted]

Playboy ? (Playboy Entertainment) December 1988
      Essay on Comics.  Reprinted in _Harlan Ellison's Hornbook_


Comic Book Masters (Ken Vida Productions)
      Ellison narrates this videotape collection of artist profiles

Adventure 479 (DC) - Dial H For Hero
      Silver Fog, character, created by Ellison
   --according to Doug A, at Earlham College (my Alma-Mater), 
     Ellison submitted the character Silver Fog used in this issue.
          The caption reads:
   --[have not seen copy to confirm]

In an issue of Justice League of America, volume one between 
   issues 86 and 89 [exact issue unconfirmed], Ellison appears 
   as the villain Harlequin Ellis.  The story was written by Mike
   Friedrich and is possibly titled "The Love Song of Harlequin

He is also refereed to in the Dark Knight Returns.

Anything Goes 1-5 (Fantagraphics Books) 1985-86(?)
   --Series to raise money for Comics Journal's defense in 
     Ellison/Comics Journal v. Michael Fleisher lawsuit.  
     Ellison received no money from the book.

The Book on the Edge of Forever (Fantagraphics Books) 1994
      author, Christopher Priest; cover, Drew Friedman
   --Reprinting of chapbook detailing long non-publishing history of 
     _Last Dangerous Visions_
Gauntlet 9 May 1995
   --"The Last word on the feud between Fantagraphics Books and
     Harlan Ellison, who was not at all pleased with Gary Groth and 
     his _The Book on the Edge of Forever_  Interviewed on the 
     subject are Groth, Peter David, Kim Thompson, and others. 
     Also:  the penultimate word on _The Last Dangerous Visions_ 
     from Harlan Ellison." - p 147, Diamond Previews, March 1995.

Well there is version 3.1 of the incomplete Ellison Comic Book Bibliography.

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Also, a major source for this list was:

Harlan Ellison: A Biographical Checklist
      Leslie Kay Swigart, West Publishing Co., Dallas, TX; 1973
   --Buy one if you can find it, but you won't.

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This Bibliography is dedicated to my Father, John Day, who grew up in Painseville, OH (Ellison's home town), escaped it (Like Ellison), and turned me on to his writings. Now, thanks to Dark Horse and these other publishers, I have another way to connect back to him.

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