Redirector 1.0 (beta)

Redirector 1.0 (beta) is a perl script written by John Leavitt ( that acts as an HTTP server, redirecting all requests to some other place. It is essentially designed for dealing with a server move, but it can be used for other purpose with little modification. For example, it runs on port 80 of to redirect requests to the proper port (8001).

Note: There was a very serious bug with the alpha version that left defunct child processes haunting your machine. This has been fixed (I hope).


Usage is: redirector new-server-prefix [port]

For example, redirector "" 8001 would redirect all requests on port 8001 of the running machine to port 80 (the WWW default) of


This was basically a quick hack to satisfy a local need. As such, No guarantees are made about this software or its usability for anything whatsoever. It seemed like some folks might be able to use it. If so, great; if not, well, I tried.

Caveat cliens.

Getting Redirector

Redirector is just a click away.

A Small Request

If you use redirector, please let me know. It's nice to feel useful now and then. Any other comments are also cheerfully accepted.

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