Thule Common Lisp Resources

ftp Second Public Review of Common Lisp Draft Proposed ANSI Standard
www Common Lisp, the Language (2nd edition) (NEW!!!)
www Hyptertext Version of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
ftp Amiga Lisp Archive
ftp CLIM Code Repository
ftp CLOS Code Repository
ftp Comp.Lang.Lisp Archive
www CMU Lisp Repository (almost everything)
ftp Macintosh Common Lisp 1.* Archive
ftp Macintosh Common Lisp 2.0 Archive
ftp MERL Lisp Archive (xp, series, etc.)
ftp MIT AI Lab (loop, series, iterate, etc.)
ftp Ohio State Lispuser Archive
ftp TI Explorer Lisp Code
ftp Code from Norvig's "Paradigms of AI Programming"
ftp Code from Schank and Riesbeck "Inside Computer Understanding"

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